Updates & FAQ

Where are you located?

-Adrian Christie is located at 1660 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, CA 92108

What is your typical process for working with a new couple?

-It always starts with the initial phone call to either myself or my partner Christie. During the phone call we get basic details, when? what? where? who? Answer any questions you may have and if you want to take the next step we invite you down to the studio and we can go over your wedding day.

What style of photographs do you take?

-We are considered to be true to color photographers. We are right in the middle between moody and light and airy!

What should I know about you?

-We really consider ourselves down to earth photographers. We believe that the people, loved ones, family and friends at your wedding are more important than the wedding itself. Remember each moment. Cherish it and enjoy your amazing day.

What should I know about your pricing (I.e., discounts, fees)?

-We have a wide variety of options/discounts and packages for our fantastic couples. All of which can be found on our pricing/packages page. We believe that booking a Photographer or Videographer shouldn’t be overwhelming but simple and easy to understand!

Do you have discounts for Military?

Yes! We love our service men and women. We have current Active & Retired Military members in our family! All former and active military receive a 10% discount.

Do you have discounts for Police, Firefighter, Teacher, Nurse & Public Servants?

Yes! Public Servants receive a 5% discount.

Do you offer payment plans?

-Yes! We do have payment plans available.

Can I get a discount for paying in full?

Of course! One of our most popular options is paying in full. All couples paying upfront receive 10% off their entire wedding package!

Do you offer discounts for weekday weddings?


Can I add custom items to my wedding package?

-Yes! Let us know and we would be happy to discuss it!

Do I have to pay for copyrights?

-No, you NEVER have to pay for the rights to your own photos.

Are there any travel fees?

-There are no travel fees for Southern California Weddings & Events.

Do I have to pay for non edited images and video?

-All raw photo and video is included for free in all of our packages.

Are there any hidden or additional fees?

-There are NO additional or hidden fees. Our price is our price.

What types of couples have you worked with?

-All sort of couples, from all types of backgrounds and life experiences!

Do you shoot LGBTQ Weddings?

-Yes, Of course!

What advice would you give a couple looking to hire a photographer/cinematographer in your area of work?

-Always choose someone you feel comfortable with and someone with a cool personality. If your photographer can make you laugh, you know you got the right one! Smiling pics are always a better pick!

How can I prepare for my Engagement Session?

-When it comes to clothing, please avoid dark colors and go with something that matches! Take your time, buy a new outfit, it’s important to look super spiffy! You don’t have to wear a tux! But this is an important day and gets you closer to your wedding! Have fun with it! We recommend that you both think of something to say to the camera. These mini interviews will be done separately so the other doesn’t know what you’ve said till they watch the Engagement Video. The message we capture can be a range of things… You can speak to one another or speak to your family and friends. You can be silly, sincere, or use this opportunity to announce your engagement!

Can we choose the music for our wedding videos?

– Yes! If you would like to choose the music for your wedding please send us your list before the wedding day. The way we shoot your wedding day dictates the feeling and mood of your videos and this has an impact on the choice of music. If we have the list of music you would like to use we can shoot the day to tailor your choices.

Are we required to feed our photographers &/or videographers?

– Yes! And no… We do love to be fed a hot meal just as much as anyone else, especially while we are on our feet for 10 continuous hours. However, if you can’t provide a hot meal for us, No problem… we will take a break to get one.

I am providing you a meal, what time should you be scheduled to eat?

-The best time for us to eat is right after the Bride and Groom are served their meals and before the rest of the guests. The reason why… In order for us to best capture the events during the reception it is best if we utilize the down time while others are eating for us to eat as well. If we are fed after the guest that raises the risk of us missing speeches and toast as that is often the time they start. We would hate to miss that! Don’t forget to request this from your venue!

How can I make my video special and unique to my wedding?

– A great way of making your video unique is You! Small video interviews with both Bride and Groom can add a special touch to your video. For Example, say something special to one another moments before the ceremony, something they won’t hear until they watch the video. It’s a great way to document your feelings and thoughts. You can also have your bridal party be aware that we may steal them away for a quick video interview. There’s always great stuff that comes from your bridal party!

I’m a little nervous and/or awkward about taking photos…Can you help me?

-Yes! That’s what we’re here for. Trust us, there will never be a dull moment around us (as we are always practicing our joke skills) and we know how to make the most nervous person comfortable in front of the camera.

I don’t know how to pose, will you tell us what to do?

-Yes! We will definitely pose you. We will also discuss prior to your wedding what poses you like and of course your good side!

Do you have valid United States Passports?

-Yes! We can travel abroad and have valid passports

Do you have any travel restrictions?

-No we do not have any travel restrictions.

How do I receive my wedding photos and video?

-We deliver all edited and raw content on a USB or Hard Drive.

How long will it take for us to receive our wedding photos and/or video?

– It all depends on the time of year your wedding takes place. We do provide a faq sheet of when to expect your edits! Summer months are busier than winter months…think of it as an airport landing strip the more planes (weddings) there are the longer it takes for them to land. Especially since we are personally editing your photos and/or videos!

There were a few photos I really enjoyed but they weren’t edited, can you edit them for us?

-Yes! We would love to edit a few more photos that caught your eye.

Can we ask for a re-edit of our wedding videos?

-Yes! And No, we would be happy to correct any mistakes that we have made on our behalf. For Example, the music choice was wrong, spelling of your names, or wrong date. OOOPS! However, don’t worry, we would have had a discussion with the Bride and Groom prior to the wedding to discuss wants and needs for their video in order to avoid the need for re-edits.

I would love to send out Thank You Cards to my guests using one of the photos from the wedding… are we able to receive a few before we receive all of our wedding photos?

-Yes! Just let us know a week in advance from the time you would like to receive them.

Can I book even though I don’t live in San Diego?

-Yes, All meetings and paperwork can be handled via email, mail, & skype.

I have a question that is not listed on here?

-Please email us directly at Contact@AdrianChristie.com