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Hello Everyone!

The only thing a wedding should be filled with is love, fun and family!

Thank you so much for visiting our website and viewing our work. Here is a little bit about us. I worked at a job I hated. Everyday I thought to myself was this really it for me? I had always dabbled in photography, my grandfather was a painter and my father always had the skill of a professional, but could I do that? So one cold night in September 2010, with only $110 dollars in my bank account, me and my future wife decided that this dream was what we wanted. This was going to be our future.

The very first wedding we shot was on the beach in La Jolla on a perfect San Diego evening. Our hearts ached as the wedding ended. How could we get so close so fast? How could we become a family friend in mere hours, friends we have to this day. The answer is simple, you, you reading this right now choose us to be apart of your special day. You gave us access to your life friends and family, the moments we shared in the quiet rooms before the ceremony, the laughs we had together with the rowdy groomsmen or the lovely bridesmaids. We were trusted to capture your special moments, tears and laughter and for that we thank you!

Being a photographer is more than just pushing a button or editing a photo. Anyone can be a photographer, there are so many out there. What you really look for, is for someone you can trust to help guide you through your wedding day, to laugh with you and capture those once in a lifetime moments. Every couple we have shot changes our life in someway, every laugh, every story and every heart is why we do this. This is our future. This is our today.


About Adrian:

  • Likes: Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Cinema.
  • Hates: Bugs, Auto Correct, Mayonnaise.
  • Excited By: BBQ, Football, Gadgets.

Hey guys! Thanks for coming to our website and checking out our work! A little bit about myself…I was born and raised here in San Diego and have lived here my whole life. San Diego really is a very special place and most of my family is here as well. I love shooting, traveling, watching movies and seeing new places. Running and operating Adrian Christie has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life knowing  my small business brings so much joy and happiness to others. I thank God and my family for the blessings I have received and I’m excited to share those blessings with our wonderful couples. I would love to bring a handful of laughs and some great joy to you on your very special wedding day.

About Christie:

  • Likes: Cats, Cheeseburgers, Penguins.
  • Dislikes: Not having Cats, Adrian, Sa-lad.
  • Excited By: Small Farm Animals, Petting Zoos, Sea World.

Hello Everyone! A little about my self… I love all things film, my sweet baby cats, and coloring my hair every color of the rainbow plus more! I was born and raised in San Diego for most of my life and feel very blessed to call San Diego my home. Shooting weddings has been a great pleasure of mine throughout the years. It is truly a blessing to be a part of so many couple’s weddings. Weddings are to be considered as one of our most intimate days in our life and it’s my goal to make each couple feel comfortable and worry free.  And…Of course if you love cats, color, and to smile, I’m the girl for you!

Our Goals:

One year we walked around a wedding show and collected tons of flyers from various wedding vendors and realized that is not what we wanted to be. We don’t like to nickel and dime for every little thing. We prefer to offer our couples a single straight forward price. There is nothing worse than adding a few hundred dollars to your wedding package that you didn’t expect to spend.

The next thing we realized… we wanted to offer our couples all of their raw photos and video. So many companies and business charge you extra for the right to your own photos. We never understood that, in this modern day and age with so much competition and work out there why would we want to withhold photos and videos from our couples, to make a few extra bucks? No, thank you….

Christie & I personally book, shoot, edit, and deliver every single piece of wedding photo and video we shoot. We prefer it that way, we really are trying to avoid the impersonal just business experience, we love to be with our couples in their most intimate moments. We use those moments to craft a beautiful story of your wedding day.

We love to laugh and would love to enjoy your wedding day with you!

Raul Adrian Urreola & Christie Liana Urreola

Married May 22nd, 2018 – New Orleans, Louisiana

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